Richard “Dick” Knowdell

 Richard "Dick" Knowdell is known around the world for his training and certification of career coaches, and for his fun and easy to use Career Card Sort Decks.

Richard L. "Dick" Knowdell, MS, NCC, NCCC, CCMF, GCDF is the President of Career Research & Testing, Inc., author of Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation (1996) and co-author of From Downsizing to Recovery: Strategic Transition Options for Organizations and Individuals (1994).

After serving his country in US Air Force, Dick went on to earn his Masters in Psychology and formed his own company to provide private career counseling to adults.

In his career journey, Dick accomplished the following feats:

• Established one of the first successful organizational career development programs as well as establishing a successful Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

• Developed the Knowdell Career Values Card Sort, which is published in several languages. In that same period he developed the Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort.

• Appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Board of Examiners of the United States Foreign Service. A position which Dick held for 8 years.

• Established Employee Development Department in a high tech Silicon Valley company

• Established an Executive Outplacement firm that served over 50 Silicon Valley companies

• Established an Executive Coaching practice in Silicon Valley

• Started teaching career coaching techniques to career counselors and HR managers

Now, Dick has simplified his work load by doing the things which he loves and that means standing up in front of a classroom leading and teaching career coaches.