Personal Style Indicator In-depth Interpretations

The PSI In-Depth Interpretations (PSI–ID) is the essential companion to the Personal Style Indicator. With 48 pages, the PSI In-Depth Interpretations offers an expanded 2-page description of each of the PSI proprietary 21 style patterns, with focus on the following. - Strengths - Common Areas of Difficulty - Reactions to Stress - Team Functioning and Compatibility with Other Styles - Leadership Implications - Increased Effectiveness Unlike other personality assessments, the PSI directs you to the style pattern(s) that specifically apply to you. The added benefit of the PSI In-Depth Interpretations is you have all 21 style patterns in one booklet, providing instant access in a seminar or workshop format. Many clients use the PSI–ID as part of a team-building or relationship-development process where you read the style patterns of others—instantly increasing your understanding of their style.