Entrepreneurial Style and Suceess Indicator In-Depth Interpretations

The ESSI In-Depth Interpretations is the essential companion to the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator. Facilitate strong communication and growth among your team members through a complete understanding of the different styles of each member. The information provided in the ESSI In-Depth Interpretations should be available to all members of a team. Create a solid understanding of each person's entrepreneurial style and promote acceptance and a willingness to work together. The 48-page ESSI In-Depth Interpretations offers expanded 2-page descriptions of each of the 21 ESSI proprietary style patterns, with focus on the following. - Entrepreneurial Tendencies - Entrepreneurial Strengths - Typical Difficulties - Response to Stress - Management and Leadership Implications - Recommendations for Enhancing Entrepreneurial Success It also includes a section on "Developing Your Plan to Increase Your Entrepreneurial/Business Effectiveness."

Language: English