Helping professionals often ask "what kind of assessment tools should I use in order for me to value-add my services to my clients"?

There are literally thousands of assessment tools in the market. Choosing the right tool can be a nightmare for many helping professionals. Different tools are created based on different theories and philosophies. Some tools are free to use and others require helping professionals to pay a certification fee in order for them to be given the right (& training) to administer the tools to their clients.

At Abundanz Consulting, we have always believed that helping professionals should have access to assessment tools which are easy to use and they do not require the user to pay thousands of dollars to be certified to use the tool. The assessment tools provided by Abundanz Consulting can be bought directly and administered to their clients quickly because they are self-explanatory and easily understood by users.

Of course, should users require an extensive in-depth understanding on how to be even more effective, additional trainings and guidance will be provided.