Increasingly, organisations (both private and government) are facing the challenges of providing career development for their staff. In the past, HR practitioners determine pathways based on the nature of the jobs within the organisation. Hence words such as 'competencies' and 'Job description' are important components in setting benchmarks and performance guidelines for each job role within the organisation.

However, in an age where the 'war for talents' has reached its peak, it is not enough for HR practitioners to rely on old Human Resource Management models. These old models focus on the processes, the organisation. The paradigm shift that has taken place over the past decade is for organisations to focus on career development pathways based on the individual staff within the organisation. It is pertinent to first figure out what the unique career attributes of the staff are, before emplacing them within the jobs inside the organisation.

Abundanz Consulting's team of Organisation & Career Development experts are able to work with organisations to implement these new models so that organisations are able to quickly capitalise on the talents they have within their organisation in order to develop their edge and expertise, to differentiate themselves from their competition.