In a small geographic territory such as Singapore, the notion of competition is no longer understood as companies or individuals trying to outdo each other in order to rise to the top.

Traditionally, businesses and individuals have always protected their edge because they seek to dominate the market, whichever inidustry they are in. However, with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, the new idea of competition has transformed itself into collaboration instead.

At Abundanz Consulting, one of our core beliefs is that we constantly seek to collaborate with professionals and domain experts from different industries so that we can work together to benefit our clients in Singapore and around the region. As such, we are in the business of building a network of practitioners and businesses through a platform of sharing & openness.

To us, the proverb 'A single twig breaks easily, but a bundle of twigs is strong' underlies our philosophy of 'connecting' people together.