Outplacement Services

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At Abundanz Consulting, enabling change in a respectful and caring way is important to us 

Outplacement Services in Singapore

We understand restructuring

In the 21st Century, change in the workforce due to technological innovations and restructuring of corporate priorities is a constant.  At Abundanz, our team of outplacement specialists can help companies and individuals respond to these changes with confidence.

Our outplacement programmes and career transition services are aimed to address the complexity of changes in today's economy, yet with an eye towards customising the services that meet the needs of each individual in the company. At Abundanz, whether it is outplacement for 1 person or 100, we are here to assist.  

Qualified Coaches and Counsellors

Our team of transition coaches are qualified with our renowned Job and Career Transition Coach certification and most are crossed trained as professional counsellors. They will guide your resume updating, train you for interview skills and provide assistance in your job search.

A sense of confidence

Individuals undergoing transition experience tremendous stresses and fear. we work with each individual to ensure they are fully aware of their strengths, clarify their work values and have the confidence to leverage and market their skills in order to engage in their next job opportunities. 

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  • Employees undergoing transitions will receive professional help to identify and prepare for their next career move in order to help them quickly and confidently gain a new footing. 

  • Current employees are likely to view the changes in a positive way and continue to be engaged and committed to their work. Alternatively, the organisation may continue to engage current employees through various employee engagement programmes. 

  • The company/organization continues to maintain their levels of productivity while ensuring that their corporate branding is protected and their reputation in their industry is maintained. 

  • Leaders of the company undergoing transition will be guided with leadership development and supports to encourage their movement to their next executive role.


Contact us and find out how we can assist you to design an outplacement programme that meets the needs of your organisation.