Facilitating Career Development

A 120 hour training course based on the curriculum developed by

National Career Development Association (NCDA)

What is Facilitating Career Development (FCD)?

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FCD, formerly called Career Development Facilitator (CDF) is a premium career development course comprising up to 120 hours of course work and provides participants with the relevant skills and knowledge to work with others in planning for their career future and finding meaningful work. 

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This FCD course is based on the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) curriculum and designed to standardize the knowledge and experience of individuals who work in a career development setting. The NCDA is the largest professional association for career development in the world and has a history of over 100 years of theory & practice development. 

Participants of this course will be taught based on the 12 core competencies of a career practitioner as laid out by the NCDA curriculum. In addition, participants will also be equipped with career development frameworks and career assessment tools that are critical for the success of career practitioners in this field.


Course Delivery

This course is provided in an e-learning hybrid format which requires participants to attend a combination of:

  • Face to face classroom training (3 days), 

  • 4 webinars, 

  • Self-paced learning, 

  • Assessments and other web-based instructional approaches. 

The FCD training includes hands-on and interactive teaching methods and opportunities to interact with colleagues from a variety of work settings.



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12 Competencies covered

These are the competencies participants will be trained in 


Helping Skills

Proficiency in career facilitation 

Labour Market Information & Resources

Understand labour market trends

Career Assessments

Use formal and informal assessments

Diverse Populations

Recognise special needs of different groups

Ethical and Legal Issues

Understand Code of Ethics and legal requirements

Career Development Models

Apply different career theories to different situations

Employability Skills

Know Job Search strategies and techniques for groups 

Training Clients and Peers 

Prepare and develop training materials for different groups

Programme management/ Implementation

Understand career programmes and their implementation

Promotion and Public Relations

Market & promote career programmes


Comprehend and use career development tech-enabled programmes


Act as Career Consultants to stakeholders

Credentials for application

Upon completion of the course, participants are eligible to apply for the following credentials: 

CCSP (Certified Career Services Provider) by the National Career Development Association

PCDAS (Professional Member, Career Development Association of Singapore)

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