Employee Engagement Programmes

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At Abundanz Consulting, helping employees to stay engaged with their companies through our programmes is our drive!

Enabling employees to align themselves to their company's  values

Connecting with the Purpose

The employee engagement  struggle has always been between their heart (purpose) and the salary (pragmatics). We implicitly know that enabling employees to be aligned to the company culture and values will determine the success or failure of the organization. However, employees will not catch the values through just work alone. Culture and Values are best caught when employees experience them. That’s what we do at Abundanz Consulting. We help your employees experience the true meaning behind your culture and values.

Values alignment & Team Building.  Using Points of You tools, we work with employees in the company to understand the over-arching values and vision of the company and through activity-based workshops, enable employees to catch the heartbeat and passion of the company's mission. 

Health and Wellness. Organising talks and activities that enable the employee to feel and experience a sense of balance internally.

Communication and Feedback. Through experiential workshops, employees are taught to open up channels of communication amongst colleagues to minimise conflicts and increase collaboration.

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