Registry of Career Practitioners

JCTC and KCA Graduates

 Abundanz Consulting as Asia's authorised and Master Distributor since 2013 has trained more than 400 JCTC/KCA graduates across Asia and in support of Career Planning and Adult Development Network's effort to raise the professional standards of career practitioners, the graduates would be listed on this page for external party's verification of the certification programs. 

Please contact if you have any questions on our graduates' certification. 

JCTC Graduates

List of Graduates

KCA Graduates
List of Graduates
FCD Graduates 
Name of Participants Certification No.
Gerald Tan FCD-SG2018/001
Ivan Choong FCD-SG2018/002
Francis Lee FCD-SG2018/003
Benn Goh FCD-SG2018/004
Dr Kelvin Lee FCD-SG2018/005