What Skills Put You In Your 'Zone'?

16/07/2020 15:00 to 16/07/2020 17:00 (Singapore)


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When you are in a job that allows you to use skills that you are proficient in and enjoy using, chances are you will enjoy your work and perform at a high level.   

Learning Objective

In this session with Abundanz Consulting, you will:
-          discover your "Motivated skills." Skills you enjoy using the most and are highly proficient at;
-          understand your "Burn out Skills." Those skills you are competent at, but no longer enjoy using-hence the burnout if you continue using them!;
-          discover your "Developmental Skills." Those areas which are interesting to you but which you currently lack proficiency in;
-          discover your "Transferable Skills." The skills you can take with you from job to job;

The upshot of all this is: you will have a much more nuanced and subtle appreciation of your repertoire of skills.  The result?  You will know which skills to add to (and leave off!) your resume, which skills to develop, which skills enable you to excel in jobs, and what jobs need your motivated skills!      


                                         Your Facilitator

                                                                                                              Eugene Wong

                                                                                                                     JCTC, KCA

Having career-coached over 450 clients and facilitated over 200 career workshops, Eugene Wong is an experienced coach and facilitator in the career development field for the past 3 years. Besides building up Abundanz’s business in Singapore, Eugene is also an adjunct trainer with Workforce Singapore, helping job seekers bounce back from career setbacks through the Career BounceBack program. 
Prior to entering career development practice, Eugene spent 15 years as a senior human resource practitioner, handling human resource development (HRD) in a major telco and several local autonomous universities.   
Eugene’s career practitioner certifications include the Job and Career Transition Coach, Knowdell Career Advisor, and the Career Advisory Program by WSG.  Eugene is also a certified DDI assessment centre assessor, DDI-certified facilitator and DISC-certified trainer / administrator, as well as ACTA-certified.
His mission is to help people find jobs and change lives, a commitment that began when he was inhouse career coach and trainer with Maximus Asia. 
Outside of work, Eugene gets a kick out of HIIT (high intensity interval training), an indoors-style keep-fit method that is perfect when confined to the house. 

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From 16/07/2020 15:00
16/07/2020 17:00


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