Points of You®, Level 2 - Creative Practice Online Workshop (Suman)

30/06/2020 14:00 to 03/07/2020 18:00 (Singapore)


Online L2 Workshop June 30 to July 3, 2020

                                          14:00 to 18:00 Daily

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Level 2 workshop is intended for professionals who desire to progress to the next level of expertise with the Points of You tools and methods. Professionals at this level are able to leverage on the Points of You Academy system to conduct similar Level 1 Hello Points training, with support from the Country Leaders. Besides knowing how to apply the tools to your professional practice, with this level of certification, you are able to expand your own training business to with a range of creative tools, designed to enhance your work with clients. 

At this training workshop, participants will be brought to a new understanding of the Points of You® methodology and tools & grasp the over-riding philosophy of the games with a clear perspective of the why and how of the games. Participants will also be guided to apply the tools in various ways that will enable them to extend their training ability to equip others from different professions.

Course Content

The Power of photos

An introduction to the language of today's world - the empowering language  of Photos.

Points of You® Method

Learn the 4 simple steps of our unique method.

The Potential Me with Faces

A new version of our best selling process with the eye-opening cards of Faces.  After experiencing the process we will teach you useful techniques and practice various adaptations.

A full day of Frequently Used Activities

Take part in creative ice breakers, feedback activities, an interview process and more.

Layout Charts - Create your own

Build your personal workshop based on a Points of You® secret ingredient - Our Layout Charts.


Suman Balani, 

Points of You Expert


EMCC, PCC, Executive Coach and Gallup Strengths Coach


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Three Games

Each participant will receive a set of The Coaching Game, Punctum & Faces, Level 2 exclusive photo cards, and Level 2 concept pack 

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Start Working

After receiving certification, Points of You Practitioners are competent to embed Points of You process and games in to their professional work; facilitate Level 1 Hello Points workshops in the Singapore 

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Participants receive the certification titled "Practitioner" from Points of You Academy

This workshop awards 18 CCE hours with ICF.


From 30/06/2020 14:00
03/07/2020 18:00


+65 69570171

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