Points of You Insights:Managing Change - Focus on What You Can Control

17/10/2020 10:00 to 17/10/2020 13:00 (Singapore)


Managing Change

Focus on What You Can Control

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 17 Oct 2020, 10am to 1pm (Singapore) / 16 Oct 2020, 7pm to 10pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Are you struggling to achieve control in your life to cope with changes? 

Join me in the next workshop where I’ll personally show you the 7 Secrets to achieving control in your life, so you can equip yourself with effective strategies
to cope and take practical steps in setting goals in your life!

Of recent weeks, we’ve all been really stretched from all angles. We feel as if everything is out of control and we are being swirled in this whirlpool, swept by the currents, not knowing one day to the next what will happen...The one thing that is unsettling many people recently is the inability to control what is happening in our lives. We are hit by the unknown. It is like a thick blanket of fog permeating the air and we are unable to see what is ahead of us. It is never easy to navigate through the uncertainties and fears. It is never easy to deal with the unknown. 

However, we have a choice to CONTROL what we can and we have a choice to focus on what we can CONTROL. Perspectives influence everything.   
Our perspectives affect how we live our lives, the decisions we make and how we cope with situations. 

This workshop invites the opportunity to tell your story from a different point of view through the use of photos and words. It invites you to look at the different parts of your story from a new place and discover surprising insights about yourself. The workshop works on perspectives and our sphere of control. 

Why you should attend this workshop:


You will:

  • Appreciate your capabilities, your strengths and gain insights into the perspectives that are limiting and holding you back.

  • Equip yourself with effective strategies to cope with challenging situations.

  • Gain new insights and taking practical steps in setting goals

  • Receive mystery photo cards, process map to help your learning

  • Certificate of Participation


Suki Tong, Points of You Practitioner

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Suki Tong has had many years of experience as a life coach and provider of life skills training in the area dealing with love relationships for teenagers at college level. In addition, she has worked effectively with children and adolescents from different nationalities with psychological needs. Furthermore, she has worked extensively with physical instructors from Outward Bound, Singapore. 

Suki uses an eclectic approach, combining psychology, music and art in training. 

She has been interviewed in the Straits Times, Singapore; Channel News Asia, Singapore; Australian Broadcasting Corporation; The Herald Tribune; New Zealand Radio Networks; Denmark Broadcasting Corporation and Swiss TV and Radio Networks.

Suki is the author of book: “Quest of Love”, published in the UK and was launched in Singapore Writers’ Festival in 2009. 

Suki Tong is based both in the USA and Singapore. 


From 17/10/2020 10:00
17/10/2020 13:00


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