Points of You® Insights: Leadership and Teams

03/02/2020 19:00 to 03/02/2020 21:00 (Singapore)


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Leadership and Teams


A leader has multiple jobs!  Everything from business strategy, customer engagement, sales, operations to employee experience.  How can a leader do everything?  Leverage the power of your teams!


Would you like to explore ways to empower your teams to collaborate more to be high performing?


Open yourself to new possibilities & perspectives by leveraging the creative Points of You tools and taking action to become a more inspiring & stronger leader.

Each attendee shall receive $15 voucher to pay towards the purchase of Points of You tools or workshop fee.

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Points of You™- the coaching Game
In this session you will be acquainted with the Points of You™ tools and experience for yourself its power to expand your thinking and your points of view about different issues important to you. 

Set in a cosy, welcoming environment, you are invited to come and play and experience for yourself what Points of You™ is all about.

It's a superb opportunity for us to meet with friends (whether you already know them or will get to know after this meeting!), to take a pleasant mental break, have a new perspective or experience a paradigm shift about your situations or issues from an unusual point of view.

Your Host: Kevin Kan


PCC and Mentor Coach, Certified Executive Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Gallup Strengths Coach

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What is Points of You

Points of You™ is a powerful tool for coaching, training, therapy, designed to help professionals around the world. The usage of the tools create conditions for quality communication between people. When we work with cards, we say something that in ordinary life we ​​do not dare to say.

There are 65 cards in the deck with each card representing a specific topic. By acting on the right side of the brain (photo) and activating the left (word, name of the card) at the same time, the cards stimulate the imagination and logic simultaneously. 

Participants are given the opportunity to look at their issues from a different perspective and the process instigates a change (at least temporarily) to their usual reactions, approach to their lives, thoughts & actions in a conscious manner.

Read more here: https://www.points-of-you.com.sg/


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