Points of You Insights:Contemplating Relationships

17/04/2021 10:00 to 17/04/2021 12:00 (Singapore)



Points of You Insights

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About the session

Relationships are integral to our well-being. They inform who we are, and more importantly, form who we hope to be.  In attempting to understand ourselves, our relationships with our loved ones enable us to live meaningful lives. 

Points of You's methodology and tools enable you to examine the facets of our lives often unexplored so that we can understand ourselves and work on values and traits that enable us to form long-lasting, meaningful bonds with our beloved as we contemplate moving into the next phase of our relationships. 

Our unique range of tools using photographs and layouts enable you and your loved ones to understand and work towards a bond founded on long-lasting change.  


Larry Lee, Points of You Facilitator

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Larry is currently a full time educator and have experiences in

- Student leadership training
- Coaching for mental skills and resilience formation for teenagers           - Facilitation qualification (STADA)          - Counselling qualification (Post Grad Diploma, NIE) 


Points of You Corporate Training Key Category:


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Areas of training:

- Personal Mastery

- Communications

- Team Building

- Self-awareness


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