Points of You Insights:ADKAR Change Management

19/06/2021 10:00 to 19/06/2021 12:00 (Singapore)


ADKAR 变革管理工具 (在线)

(conduct in Chinese)

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About the session

"Organizations don't change - people within organizations change."

This insight workshop uses Points Of You, a creative visualization tool, to help you understand ADKAR, a well-known Change Management Methodology adopted by Fortune 500 corporates, and learn how you can begin to lead the human side of change management and drive change effectively and successfully into your organization.



. Learn ADKAR Change Management Model

. Explore factors that impact human side of change management

. Identify actions to strengthen change leadership capability


这个工作坊使用Points of You创造性的可视法化工具来帮助你了解《财富》世界500强企业使用的变革管理工具ADKAR,以及如何使用它开始有效地进行人性化方面的变革管理,成功导入变革。



·        瞭解 ADKAR 變更管理模型

·        探索對人員因素對變革管理的影響

·        擬定加強變革領導能力的行動计划

Great for People Managers, HR Professionals and Project Managers.


Facilitator 引导师

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Gina Yeh

· Points of You® 专家级教练培训师

· 潜能激活教练、国际教练联合会专业认证教练、盖洛普优势教练、PROSCI 认证變革管理師、DiSC认证引导师

· 25年以上跨國、跨產業的人力資源管理专业经理人

·  Points of You® Expert

·  Potential Enabler, ICF PCC, Gallup Strengths Coach, Certified PROSCI Change Management PractitionerDiSC facilitator,

·  Senior HR management professional with over 25 years experience across global markets

Points of You Corporate Training Key Category:

Management Skills

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Areas of training:

  1. Impactful Communications Techniques

  2. Performance Conversations with a Difference

  3. Coaching and Mentoring

  4. Identifying Potentials


From 19/06/2021 10:00
19/06/2021 12:00


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