Knowdell™ Job and Career Transition Coach Workshop

24/05/2023 09:00 to 26/05/2023 17:00 (Singapore)


Face to Face Workshop

Tentative Dates: 24-26 May 2023

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As career practitioners or career counsellors, our roles are to assist our clients or students realise their full potentials and make better education and long-term career choices. To do so, we need a simple but comprehensive framework to support their career decisions as well as career assessment tools that we can use to facilitate, guide and match their strengths and interests so that they can have CAREER SATISFACTION. 


Program Outline

1.  The Composition and Configuration of Jobs, and Career Paths in the  21st   Century

 2. The Importance and Impact of Job and Career Transitions using Career Assessment Tools

·       Prioritizing Career Values

·       Identifying Transferable Skills

·       Identifying and Understanding Motivation

·       Understanding Work and Management Style

·       Assessing Career Interests

·       Organizing Assessment Results

 3.  Job and Career Exploration

·       How to Use Libraries and The Internet

·       Field Research Rather Than Information Interviews

·       Building a Personal Network

·       Using Networking to Obtain Referrals and Interviews

·       Rewarding Your Contacts

4.  How to Focus on an Immediate Job Objective or a Long-Term Career Goal

·       Matching Skills and Motivation With Tasks

·       Matching Styles with Managers and Peers

·       Matching Career Values with Organizational Values

·       Hands-on Practice in Goal Setting

 5.  Building and Managing a Job Development Plan or a Career Strategy Plan

 6.  Hands-On Practice of Coaching Techniques

·       The Coach as ASSESSOR

                o   Assessing Attributes and Giving Objective Feedback


                o   How to Provide Information on Options and Barriers

·       The Coach as REFERRAL AGENT

                o   Understanding How and When to Refer Clients Out

·       The Coach as GUIDE

                o   How to Guide Clients Without Directing Them

·       The Coach as TUTOR

                o   Techniques for Coaching to Obtain Client Movement

 7.  Techniques to Get Both Job Search and Career Planning Clients Unstuck

 8. Introduction to Job Search Techniques

·       Networking Techniques

·       Resumes

·       Interviews

·       Salary Negotiation Techniques

Who should attend

Human Resource Managers

Job Search Trainers

Outplacement Consultants


Career Coachers

Career Counsellors


Talent Management Specialists

Organisation's Learning & Development Staff


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Knowdell™ Career Assessments Card Sorts 

Each participant will receive a set of 4 Knowdell™ cards

Career Values

Occupational Interests

Motivated Skills

Leisure/Retirement Activities

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All participants will automatically become part of 3000 global career coach community of Career Network and receive regular journals and newsletters 

2 Certificates

Development Coach 

This credential is preferred by career practitioners who work internally in organizations & coach employee advancement within that organization.

Transition Coach

This credential is preferred by career practitioners and case managers who train and coach job seekers.

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From 24/05/2023 09:00
26/05/2023 17:00


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