Knowdell Card Sorts Workshop

24/08/2020 09:00 to 24/08/2020 16:00 (Singapore)


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Know-all Career Assessment Tools

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A one-day workshop that enhances the work of the following career development practitioners:   
- Career guidance officers   
- Career Counselors   
- Human Resource officers   
- Career Educators

Participants will understand how Knowdell Career Assessments card sorts relate to the four stages of career development model and the workshop focuses on demonstrating how each of the assessment instruments assists their clients or students in career decisions or engaged in a job search. They can also be used by career centers or human resource officers for team building and staff development activities. Each card sort can be administered and interpreted by itself, or be used in combination as part of a career planning and development process.

Non Threatening

The cards are universally perceived as non-threatening by individuals at all levels and in a wide range of occupations. This is especially so in working with “test-shy” individuals who have not been very successful in school settings. 

Almost Effortless

When asked to prioritize values by making lists or ranking existing lists, clients often become bored or disengaged. This sorting process has the opposite effect, actually engaging the client—even a sleepy client on a warm day right after lunch.

High Face Validity

The sorting technique is unlike traditional psychometric instruments in that the client is very aware of the results as he or she engages in the process of sorting the cards. Consequently, the results are never a suprise and clients agree that they accurately describe them.

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