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03/05/2022 10:00 to 03/05/2022 12:00 (Singapore)

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Beyond Trauma

First Asia Community Event

What we can expect from this event: 


When a coach realised the presence of trauma in client's experience, what are the guidelines and suitable approach coach can use for Solution-focused resolution? Marilyn Atkinson, Founder of Erickson Coaching International brings us the highlights of the latest Erickson course, "Beyond Trauma, Coaching for Non-Therapist" in the first community event.   


Dr Timothy Hsi, Founder of Abundanz Consulting and experienced psychotherapist specialising in trauma intervention, shall facilitate a discussion with Marilyn on Trauma Coaching


Erickson and Abundanz present the latest information from Erickson Academy as well new opportunities for Erickson certified coaches.

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Marilyn Atkinson

Founder (Erickson Coaching International)
Formerly Registered Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Trauma for 25 years.

Creator of Solution-Focused coaching model, The Art & Science of Coaching
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Dr Timothy Hsi 

Founder, Principal (Abundanz Consulting)
Psychotherapist (EMDR Practitioner)
Career Strategist, President (Career Development Association of Singapore)
Counseling Supervisor

Senior Lecturer (Australian College of Applied Professions)


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