Dialogue with Points Of You Country Leader

17/08/2019 10:00 to 17/08/2019 13:00 (Singapore)

--Abundanz Consulting--

Your Reason For Being: A Career Coaching Framework 

powered by Points of You and Knowdell Career Assessment Tools

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Typically, career coaches and counsellors help clients/students to discover their career attributes (Values, Interests, Personality, Skills) in order for them to make informed career decisions.

However, with the advent of industry 4.0, we contend that enabling the clients/students to find the right job that matches their career attributes is insufficient. Career coaching should shift to enabling an individual to find their Ikigai (Japanese concept of reason for being) as the foundational purpose of their career journey.

Join Amy in this event as she shares how you can operationalize the components of Ikigai using Knowdell career assessment instruments and Points of You® tools to empower your career coaching session. 

The presentation will be followed by a light lunch and dialogue between the tribe members and Country Leader.

Your Host: Amy Lew

  • Points of You® Country Leader

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