Demystifying Resumes & Job Interviews

09/03/2018 09:00 to 09/03/2018 17:00 (Singapore)

Singapore, Singapore


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Regardless of whether one is a new entrant to the workforce, a mid-career transitioner seeking a career switch, or a back-to-work professional returning to the workforce after a career gap, resume writing and job interview skills are crucial to one’s career strategy.

A resume is the centre of every PMET’s recruitment marketing efforts.  Just as every candidate is unique, so should his CV be.  In that brief 2 pages or so in a typical CV, how does one make it stand out?

After one has written that impactful resume and secured that coveted interview, how does one ensure that he/she makes it past every interview in the recruitment process?

This unique full day workshop enables PMETs to create a compelling narrative of the value they bring.   They get to develop their own ‘toolkit’ for describing their own value through cover letters, resumes and job interviews.

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, participants will learn practical strategies to:

1.    Learn the difference between different resume formats and how they work for different career situations

2.    Decipher job advertisements

3.    Put together a targeted resume

4.    Understand different interview styles used by employers

5.    Craft your own answer to tough interview questions

6.    Put together your own interview toolkit

Who Should Attend

This workshop empowers the Professionals, Managers and Executives


This workshop is open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only.


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TRN Centre
10 Anson Road #19-14
    International Plaza
    Singapore SIN 079903


From 09/03/2018 09:00
09/03/2018 17:00


+65 69570171

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