Creating a Fulfilling Career

06/04/2018 10:00 to 06/04/2018 18:00 (Singapore)

Singapore, Singapore


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Knowing ourselves empower us to lead a fulfilling career where you can do what you love and be paid for.

This self-awareness covers your strengths, motivations, and recognize the value that you bring. Being aware of the work tasks that energise and drain you; knowing what values drive us and what your deep interests are, help to align your career options with who you really are.

This workshop uncovers your V.I.P.S (Values, Interests, Personality and Strengths) this allows more effective self-management for various aspects in life such as how you manage yourself while communicating clearly and convincingly, how to defuse conflict and build strong personal bonds. People who manage relationships well recognise the benefit of connecting with different individuals and build strong bonds with others over time.

Learning Outcomes

In this one day workshop participants will be able to:

1) Develop self-awareness of their

·       Values

·       Interest

·       Personality

·       Strengths & Motivation

2) Identify their career direction and build better relationships.


Leverage on their V.I.P.S in their job search, workplace or personal development

Who Should Attend 

This workshop is suitable for individuals who are in career transition.


·       This event is open to Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents only.

·        Please dress professionally to attend the workshop.            


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TRN Centre
10 Anson Road #19-14
    International Plaza
    Singapore SIN 079903


From 06/04/2018 10:00
06/04/2018 18:00


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