21/03/2018 09:00 to 22/03/2018 17:00 (Singapore)

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We have all been there - in a career transition phase where we are concerned over what’s coming up next. 

While most PMETs in a career transition may be exposed to the theories of resume writing, job search techniques, business grooming or networking skills, what they really need is to have someone to critic, guide, or coach them on the ideas or recruitment aids that they have produced. 

In fact, most PMETs think that resume screening, phone interviews or face to face interviews in the job search journey are merely discrete steps that they must execute.  It is those who view these steps as an aligned flow that typically succeed. In other words, they need a ‘glue’ that can tie these steps into a unified whole – the glue is the 4Q ‘2 for 2’ framework. 

Learning Outcomes

This is a 2-day workshop you will: 

·       Apply and practice the concept 4Q ‘2 for 2’ to unify & simplify your recruitment efforts 

·       Receive recommendations on how to align your resume according to what hiring managers/recruiters seek

·       Construct a Job Search Portfolio that markets your unique strengths/personality/motivators

·       Formulate your unique elevator pitch for effective networking 

·       Apply business grooming strategies and present yourself with confidence in business contexts

Who Should Attend

Professionals, Managers, Executives, Technicians


·       This event is open to Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents only.            

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Terms and Conditions

Please note that when you register for this complimentary workshop from WSG, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  Registration and Information

Workforce Singapore (WSG) promotes the development, competitiveness, inclusiveness, and employability of all levels of the workforce.  Its key mission is to enable Singaporeans to meet their career aspirations, take on quality jobs at different stages of life, and help enterprises be competitive and manpower-lean. Workforce Singapore’s focus is on strengthening the Singaporean core and ensuring that Singaporeans are able to have better jobs and careers.  Workforce Singapore, in partnership with key stakeholders, also provides support to business owners and companies to enable them to adapt and grow, while building a future-ready workforce.

·       The workshop is organised by Workforce Singapore to assist Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to enhance their career readiness.

·       All workshops are fully subsidised by WSG

·       Registration for all workshops will be on a first-come first-served basis

Cancellation policy

·       As the slots are limited, WSG appreciates your attendance to the workshop once registration is confirmed

·       In the event that you are unable to attend, please email events@abundanzconsulting.com to inform them at least 2 working days in advance

·       WSG reserves the right to censure registrants’ future sign-ups to all workshops organised by WSG for a period of 3 months should registrants fail to produce supporting documents for non-attendance

Mailing List

·       Registration for this workshop automatically enrolls you on WSG’s mailing list for future events

·       Should you want to unsubscribe, kindly submit your request via http://portal.ssg-wsg.gov.sg/feedback

Sharing of Collected Data

·       We may share the Collected Data from you with WSG and with other Government agencies and statutory boards in order to serve you in a most effective way, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation

·       Notwithstanding the paragraph above, when you register for our workshop, we will share your Personal Data and/or Additional Personal Data with WSG , and with other Government agencies and statutory boards for purposes related to employment  facilitation only

Acceptance of terms and conditions:

"I acknowledge that I understand and accept all the terms and conditions. My registration for the workshop indicates my commitment to attend and I endeavour to inform WSG if I am unable to attend the event due to any unforeseen reasons."


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