Building Connections at the Workplace

24/04/2018 09:00 to 24/04/2018 17:00 (Singapore)

Singapore, Singapore


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Working adults spend at least 8 hours a day at work interacting with internal and external customers. It is essential to be able to tune in quickly and be effective to those we are interacting with.

How do we do that when everyone is different and have preference engagement styles?

Knowing the different styles people prefer to operate in – and how to communicate with them more effectively. Using TetraMap’s methodology, we can be more aware of who we are interacting with (their preferred styles). Having this awareness will enables us to foster positive connections more readily especially with those customers with “opposite” styles in a genuine and authentic way.


Learning Outcomes

In this one day workshop participants will be able to:


•       Why am I like that? (Self-Awareness)

•       Why are we like that? (Social Awareness)

Apply knowledge into practice through practical case studies to foster positive connections at the workplace

Who Should Attend 

This workshop is suitable for fresh graduates, PMETs who would like to improvement their relationships at the workplace.


  • This event is open to Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents only.

  • You are encouraged to dress professionally to attend the workshop. 


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TRN Centre
10 Anson Road #19-14
    International Plaza
    Singapore SIN 079903


From 24/04/2018 09:00
24/04/2018 17:00


+65 69570171

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