Applicant Tracking Systems: Artificial Intelligence is Vetting your Resume

04/06/2021 20:00 to 04/06/2021 21:30 (Singapore)

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Live Webinar in Partnership with Career Planning Academy

Odoo CMS - a big picture

A human may not be reviewing and vetting your resume - a software system may be and some of those software systems cannot read all files, fonts, formatting enhancements, or resumes. Today, 99% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to parse, manage, and store candidate resumes and profiles to quickly source top applicants by keyword search.

ATS serve as a data bank for automating and streamlining talent acquisition processes including messaging, interview scheduling, reference checks, assessments, data import, screening, candidate comparison, and social media scans. Around since the 1990s, the last decade ATS have taken over recruiting. Today we will review, what they are, their value, the issues with ATS, how they work, and how you can work them! 

Learning Objectives

1.     Learn the definition and purpose of applicant tracking systems,

2.     Understand the value and troubles associated with the ATS

3.     Review how various ATS work

4.     Apply research-based tips on how to maximize your and your clients’  resumes to optimize the ATS

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Dr Cheryl Minnick

Dr. Cheryl Minnick has more than 20 years’ career and workforce development experience. Holding a master's in counseling and doctorate in education from the University of Montana, Cheryl's expertise is recognized nationally for resume and curriculum vitae writing, ATS, job search strategies, and identifying and eliminating implicit bias in resumes
Cheryl serves on the National Resume Writer's Certification Commission and has been a guest consultant for Monster, AOL, Google, Voice America Career Confidant Radio, Career Academies, Career Thought Leaders, Résumé Writer’s Digest, and Career Planning Academy.


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