Knowdell Career Assessment Instruments

Knowdell Career Assessment Instruments

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The Knowdell Career Assessment instruments was developed by Richard ‘Dick’ Knowdell in 1977 to meet a need in the career assessment space. At that time (& even now), many tools were developed mainly for use by psychologists and required a high level of preparation for administrators.

When Dick developed the cards, his thinking was that career assessment tools have to be non-threatening, easily administered with results that yield high levels of relevance for clients.

Card Sorts are Nonthreatening

The Knowdell™ Career Assessments are universally perceived as non-threatening by individuals at all levels and in a wide range of occupations. This is especially so in working with "test-shy" individuals who have not been very successful in school settings. Instead of seeing the sorting process as "a test that I will probably fail," they view Card Sorts as a "game" that is fun rather than threatening.

Card Sorts Can be Administered Almost Effortlessly

When asked to prioritize values by making lists or ranking existing lists, clients often become bored or disengaged. This sorting process has the opposite effect - actually engaging the client-even a sleepy client on a warm day right after lunch.

Card Sorts Have High Face Validity

The sorting technique is unlike traditional psychometric instruments in that the client is very aware of the results as he or she engages in the process of sorting the cards. Consequently, the results are never a surprise and clients agree that they accurately describe them.

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Knowdell Career Values Card Sort 

The Knowdell™ Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows your clients to prioritize their values in as little as five minutes. Fifty-four variables of work satisfaction-such as time freedom, precision work, power, technical competence and public contact-are listed and described. This is an effective tool for job seekers, those fine-tuning their present jobs and career changers at all ages and stages.

Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort

The Knowdell™ Motivated Skills Card Sort is a quick and easy way to identify the areas that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success. Based on experience, feedback and instinct, clients use the cards to assess their proficiency and motivation in 51 transferable skills areas.

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Knowdell Occupational Interest Card Sort

A low-cost technique for quickly identifying and ranking occupational interests. Clarifies the high-appeal jobs and fields; the degree of readiness, skills and knowledge needed; and the competency-building steps for entry or progress within an occupation. The kit includes 110 occupational cards and a manual. The manual includes guidelines for counsellors and group facilitators, an overview of interests and their role in career decision making, detailed instructions for the individual user and optional activities for clarifying career-related interests.

Knowdell Leisure and Retirement Activities

An easy-to-use tool to aid in the transition from formal employment to a meaningful retirement lifestyle. Forty-eight common pastimes-from cultural events to meditation, from entertaining to group leadership-are listed and described. Cards can be used to determine current frequency as well as preferred activity patterns. The manual provides explicit instructions for using the card sort, an overview of the concepts and issues of retiring, summary and worksheets for processing the exercises, and eight supplementary activities for dealing with aging and retirement.

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